Control Valves

Pneumatic diaphragm actuators for temperature or pressure control.

Applied for all kinds of marine application such as cooling, steam dumping, M/E or G/E jakect, purifier, LNG, LDCL for MAN diesel, and 3-way change over valve for dual fuel engine.


High quality, but economic price with good reference.



Eagle DG-Series Globe Body Control Valve is designed to operate under the most demanding flow control conditions.


Cage retained seat design is adopted. There are no internal threaded parts, and no special tool is required for replacement of the seats.


TG-series 3-way globe type control valves can be used in two configurations, diverging and converging (mixing).


TR-series 3-way rotary plug control valves require relatively low operation force due to the extended arm which links the valve stem and actuator stem in such a way that the linear movement of the actuator stem could be converted into rotary movement of the valve stem.


Eagle DC-Series Globe Body Control Valve is designed to operate under Low Temperature (-196℃) range services such as LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), Oxygen, Nitrogen and etc.


Linear Type Electric Actuator


Rotary Type Electric Actuator